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Getting elected, solving issues and working with governments can be challenging due to their complexity, constantly changing personnel and large organizational structure.

We simplify government.

We have worked with Prime Ministers, Premiers, Cabinet Ministers, Chiefs of Staff, Ministerial Assistants, and staff members serving in Ottawa and Provincial Capitals across Canada.

That experience means we can help navigate the various structures to build a bridge to a positive relationship with local, provincial or national governments.

Our team will work with you to provide:

  • Advice on Metis Self Governance

  • Strategic advice on the most effective way to engage with government

The key is building a positive and productive long-term working relationship with the right people in government.


Stakeholder Engagement and Fulfillment  

Relationship Builder, Networker and Collaborator

Time Management and Prioritization - Elections and Campaigns   

Technology and Life-Long Learning

Lead contact with key multi-stakeholders – end users, owners, decision makers, contractors, architects, and engineers. Investigator and evaluator of security vulnerabilities and risks for several multi-national and national security companies. Board Member for the Ogden East End Health Centre a community-initiated effort, which helped to create a health centre for an impoverished and high crime area of the City of Thunder Bay, ON. In this role helped to create constitution and by-laws while engaging with community members from all areas which led to the creation of the Ogden East End Health Community Centre. Created, submitted, and presented funding and organizational proposals to provincial and federal bodies and agencies as board member.




Coordinated multi-stakeholder input from industry, government, and Indigenous community, into government legislative on technology, industry, and environment. Developed public policy positions to gain support on Indigenous issues, technology, public safety, and rural development. Created and presented discussion papers to City Councils, Town Councils and community groups in Northwestern Ontario advocating for a better system of funding for PSE and successfully received resolutions of support from 14 of the 16 municipalities.




As community development advocate worked with Couchiching First Nation, the surrounding business community, non-profit organizations, and stakeholders in being awarded a radio frequency from Canadian Radio and Television Commission. Planned and developed business partnerships, end user participation and non-profit support and sponsorships which resulted in the formation of Indigenous owned Junior A hockey team. Initiator and negotiator for joint venture agreements and memorandums of understanding between security services providers and Fort William First Nation, Métis Nation of BC, BC Métis Federation, Métis Nation of Ontario and Manitoba Métis Federation. Counselled Indigenous offenders on the Canadian legal and public court systems. Referred Indigenous clients to appropriate community resources including drug and alcohol counseling, financial aid, food, and housing benefits


Worked with municipal, provincial, and federal elected officials to gain support for candidates.

Designed, developed, researched, and created national campaign platforms including policies on Indigenous government, technology and public safety Recruited candidates from underrepresented demographic areas including the Women, Indigenous and LQTBQ2SL2 communities. Organized, recruited, and participated in door-to-door canvassing, fundraising, and election day organization. Delegate and supporter for Party Leadership Candidates in Canada, Ontario, Manitoba, and BC. Served as Candidate in Rainy River Riding, ON.




Gained funding for more learning tools and space for the learning activities by creating Community Access Centres of Canada Successfully gained funding for rural Canadian connectivity to the internet. Helped to instruct adult students communicate, read, and write in a functional manner. Provider of custom made and blended solutions with physical security officers and integrated security systems – perimeter protection, monitored intrusion and fire, panic and duress, access control, and CCTV and video management solutions.

Security Cameras_edited.jpg


Métis Self Government Leader
Government relations and Indigenous relations chairperson for the Northern Lake Superior Métis Community in charge of developing and creating partnerships and information sharing networks across Canada with Indigenous groups and Métis organizations including Fort McMurray Métis, Manitoba Métis Federation, Northwest Territory Métis and Government of Canada Indigenous Services and Crown Relations Departments, Province of Ontario, and Province of Manitoba to promote government relations and Self Government Initiative for Métis Nation of Ontario Region 2 Council.

Policy Analyst
Senior policy advisor for the Minister of Industry and Secretary of State Science, Research and Development for public policy issues including the convergence of phone and cable companies in Canada. Frequent participant with Governments of Canada, British Columbia, Ontario and Manitoba on new policy and procedures for legislation and policies on Health, Justice and Education.

Risk Manager
Accountable for the de-escalation and containment of political crisis on a top priority, highest urgency basis. Consultant on the implementation and execution of security systems for large and medium sized enterprise pursuits and Tender Submissions (RFI’s, RFQ’s and RFP’s). Subject matter specialist who led and implemented security risk assessment for Paladin Security and ADT/Tyco for Barrick Gold, VIA Rail, Yukon Gold, City of Winnipeg, City of Vancouver, and Vancouver International Airport.

Lead contact for creating and presenting Cabinet Briefs, Memorandums to Cabinet and Orders in Council. Presenter of program proposals for government grants and loans to municipal, provincial, and federal bodies and agencies successfully raising over $2,000,000.00 + over the past two decades.

Community Builder
Recruited and led volunteer AGM Organization team which set agenda, theme, location, selected keynote speakers and procedures for the meeting of 1,200 participants. Through public presentations and written proposals and working non-profit organization, business community and government successfully gained $100,000.00+ for Manta Swim Club.

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