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NLSMC Self Government Plan
 “Three Canoes, One River”  

As Chairperson of the Northern Lake Superior Métis Community (NLSMC) was part of the team which formulated and designed a Métis Self Government Plan which entailed 5 mile stones and brought over eight options forward to the over 1,500 Métis citizens of the region from Thunder Bay north east to Marathon. Plan was entitled “Three Canoes, One River“. 

Executive Summary  

Since signing the Métis Government Recognition and Self Government Agreement Implementation Agreement with the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) December 12, 2019, the Northern Lake Superior Métis Community (three chartered councils of Métis Nation of Ontario in Region 2 of the MNO) has considered options and worked with neighbouring communities to bring forth an effective and efficient plan for the Métis citizens of their communities. As with all Self Government initiatives and plans there are many aspects to consider the first and foremost being how will the new identity affect the lives of Métis Citizens of the region. Also, to consider are the repercussions in moving forward alone, with a partner, collaborating with the MNO, working with all three levels of Government and the First Nations and Inuit organizations of Canada, and finally simply staying the course and remaining as part of the MNO. After 2 years an action plan which includes a Workplan with MNO and details the options, engages the community, considers community needs and opinion and works with partners and neighbours is needed.  

Action Plan Breakdown   


Provide options for Métis citizens of Northern Lake Superior region with an informed achievable Workplan for Self-Government.  


  • Document and gain community opinion and perspectives - Elders and Métis rights holders  

  • Consult with Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels of Government.  

  • Consult with First Nations and Inuit organizations in Canada.  

  • Build partnerships and collaborations with as many regional and national organizations as possible to provide a well thought out, reasoned Work plan.  

  • Set a plan for implementation for delivery of a Work plan.  

Additional Options Considered  

Option 1 – Self Government with Incorporation and with MNO  

Option 2 - Self Government /Incorporation as an autonomous NLSMC Government  

Option 3 - MOU with other Agencies  

For specific areas of responsibility where the other agency has more competency and effectiveness such as. 

  • Child & Family Services 

  • Justice  

  • Climate Change  

  • Registry, Citizenship  

  • Housing and Homelessness 

Option 4 Non-Profit status  

As opposed to Not-for-Profit Status. Fort McMurray has this template, longer and more complex to create the Non-Profit charter. Cumbersome to set up economic and funding mechanisms. Effective in establishing partnerships and gaining donations i.e., Cancer Society, Boys and Girls Clubs  


Option 5 Merge with Region 1, 3 or 4 or other Métis organization.  

Although RR1 Rep has said no this would be on a vote of the Métis Citizenship in the region or organization. Not yet tried in Canada but capable given the Self Government status and Canadian Constitution.  


Option 6 Any received or submitted option of the MNO for Northern Lake Superior Métis Nation Community consideration.  

To allow for the MNO to present an option for consideration. An open and transparent manner of accepting and listening to their ideas and suggestions.  


5 Mile Action Plan 

Mile 1   June 7 – June 27  

Set communications plan for discussions with other MNO Regions and officials 

Consult and engage other similarly impacted organizations.  

Consult and engage Federal, Provincial and Municipal representatives  

Create Workplan - Draft 1  

Mile 2  June 28 – July 6   

Redefine the Workplan based on opinions and perspectives.  

Set path for implementation of the Workplan.  

Present Workplan Options – “Three Canoes One River ” with options that may be added.  

Present to the Taskforce of the Métis Citizens of Northern Lake Superior of the possible options with an achievable Workplan and Timeframes for success. 

Mile 3 July 6 – September 2021  

Finalization of Session – Aug 13, 14 and 15 Thunder Bay 2 days 1 with NLSMC and one with MNO.  

Consult with Northern Lake Superior Métis Community –Sep 7, 8 and 9 in Thunder Bay, Geraldton and Marathon respectively.  

Organize consultation and communication tools – with Communications Firm 

Obtain transitional budget to help support efforts until Workplan Process completed – obtained July 22 

Begin drafting and forming Corporation  

Refine Work plan as needed. 

Mile 4  September - December 2021  

Work with MNO  

Name and start Workplan Committee process – tentatively planned for October 11- 23  

Set and create constitution and by-laws and continue process for Northern Lake Superior Métis Corporation  

Agree to Implementation Plan of Workplan and agree to Budget of Workplan with MNO   

Set date for vote on self-government/constitution by NLSMC Métis Citizens - Tentative Nov 16, 2021 


Mile 5 January 2022- December 2022 

Start process to Self-Government/New NLSMC Government with MNO 

Set dates for transfer of MNO property to NLSMC.  

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