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Licensed Security Officers 

For whatever role you and your company need from static security officers to protect your business, event management and crowd control, mobile security patrols, close protection officers or loss prevention we can bring the “best in class” security team to help secure and protect your company anywhere in Canada.

Private Investigations

Business Continuity and Emergency Management

Security Consulting

DB Security offers private investigation services to protect against/resolve internal theft, fraud, company malfeasance, and any wrongdoing which you or your company may be experiencing. We help solve problems of the 21st century in a timely and discreet manner.

In the event of a business disruption or emergency situation we can install a system that keep s eyes on your business and helps maintain business continuity.

& So Much More! 

DB Security offers specialized security consultations on design & build , installation and service of all manners of integrated security systems. We offer monitored intrusion and perimeter detection systems, cctv and video management systems, electronic asset protection, entry phone, access control and point to point wireless systems. We provide security threat/risk assessments for any work facility in Canada.

Security Consulting and Investigations

"He is always willing to go the extra mile to make the situation do able and always quick to lend a hand as part of the team to complete work ad support our goals. Darren worked as a part of my team to provide technical and strategic support with reconciling problems and challenges on behalf of the company and he excelled."



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